- 100% Genuine Australian Sheepskin
Machine washable medical grade sheepskin
Reduces pressure sores
Breathable soft wool
Naturally hypo-allergenic
Spot clean / gentle hand wash
Wool length: ~1.25" (30mm)

    *Sold as singles. Order 2 for a matching pair

    Sheepskin Heel Pad Protector

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 55 reviews
    Talima TwoWolves
    Good product, read what's included carefully.

    The sheepskin heel pad protector is good. I know the blurb on what's included says if you want 2, buy 2. For some reason, I was stupid, and thought it meant '2 pair'. It doesn't. Also, they recommend brushing it down every so often, to keep the fleece in good shape. For some reason, I thought a brush might have been included. It wasn't. I don't regret buying it, and when I save up a bit more, I'll buy one for the other foot. My only difficulty is sometimes getting the thing on, since I can't reach my foot, except with my other foot, and my cane. Ingenuity wins out!

    Holly Holborn
    Heel protectors

    Not very comfortable. The strap irritates the top of my foot.

    Ivette Gárate

    These heel protectors are comfortable but they need a larger area of velcro for adjustability and fitting. My mom cannot keep them on because they move around easily. Too expensive to just sit on a table since I can't use them not even holding them with a sock. Sorry I spent all that money.

    Michael E Meeker
    Easily slips off

    The heel pad is poorly designed. Forming a right angle, it has a longer side and a shorter side. The heel pad slips off easily when raising or lowering the leg, depending on the orientation of the shorter side. The band that fastens the pad around the foot is not sufficient to hold it on the foot. It seems a hefty price for such a small area of sheepskin and a minimal amount of stitching.

    Nancy Tsotakos

    Why would a delivery of sheepskin heel protectors require a signature? That did not work for me so I never received them.