- 100% Genuine Australian Sheepskin
Machine washable medical grade sheepskin
Reduces pressure sores
Breathable soft wool
Naturally hypo-allergenic
Spot clean / gentle hand wash
Wool length: ~1.25" (30mm)

    *Sold as singles. Order 2 for a matching pair

    Sheepskin Heel Pad Protector

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 52 reviews
    Michael E Meeker
    Easily slips off

    The heel pad is poorly designed. Forming a right angle, it has a longer side and a shorter side. The heel pad slips off easily when raising or lowering the leg, depending on the orientation of the shorter side. The band that fastens the pad around the foot is not sufficient to hold it on the foot. It seems a hefty price for such a small area of sheepskin and a minimal amount of stitching.

    Nancy Tsotakos

    Why would a delivery of sheepskin heel protectors require a signature? That did not work for me so I never received them.

    Was not

    Was not Clear on advertising sometimes what you visually see and what you see or two different things it’s a gimmick and a trick you need to put one boot if you’re going to send
    Also one boot that’s it that’s not right also it doesn’t stay on your foot it comes off easily and the owner I believe knows how to tell you what to do and he doesn’t do it to his own boot not right he would be a better person if he would make his boot to where it would not come off he told me all you have to do is make a small cut and put a shoestring in to correct it that should not be he should do that himself and he should have another strap with a Velcro on it the foot part to keep it on your foot it doesn’t work it’s nice looking but it doesn’t work

    lorene smith
    Sheepskin Heel Pad Protector.

    They work great!
    For my comfort I would like the strap that keeps them on to be made of a softer material. Perhaps out of sheep wool.

    Robert Meston
    First time user

    Excellent product. Good value. Good delivery