About our Women's Sheepskin Slippers:
Our women's sheepskin slipper collection offer toasty warm options for those cool and crisp fall/winter mornings and nights. Cozy up with a pair of the right pair of genuine sheepskin slippers that you deserve.

Soft and natural merino wool fibres offer support as well as breathability, allowing your body temperature to remain regulated and never get too warm or too cold. We suggest sliding into these ladies slippers with bare feet to fully experience the lanolin enriched wool and silky smooth touch.
Lofty merino is a hollow wool fibre which can absorb up to 1/3 of it's own weight in moisture before feeling damp. This helps to create a dry and comfortable environment. Wool and leather wick away perspiration leaving your feet warm and dry.

With slipper designs for both indoor and outdoor lifestyles, we have an assortment of sheepskin slippers to select from. Made from Australian and New Zealand sheepskin, our slipper collection offers traditional and modern styles. Whatever sheepskin slipper you are searching for, you can likely find it here at the SheepskinShop!