About our Wool Bedding Products:
Sleep with Merino Wool for improved comfort & health! Our wool mattress overlays and wool filled duvets are made with naturally insulating high loft Australian wool pile. Studies show that sleeping with wool lowers your resting heart rate and increases the duration of highly beneficial REM sleep.

Merino wool is comfortable in all 4 seasons due to it's natural temperature regulating qualities. We all perspire one litre or more at night. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight of moisture without feeling damp, maintaining a dry healthy environment, while also regulating body temperature by permitting air flow through the wool fibres.

Wool is a natural insulator and our wool filled duvet-quilts complement our wool mattress overlays. While down filled quilts require a high thread count cotton casing to contain the resulting dust allergens as the goose feathers crumble with age, our wool duvets are light, soft & comfortable, and promote dry restful sleep.