Sheepskin Care Instructions

With proper care and cleaning a quality sheepskin product can last a lifetime. General care of sheepskin items includes regular brushing of the wool to maintain the soft, fluffy appearance. Products should only ever be stored in breathable cloth bags. Avoid prolonged direct sunlight and high heat (air & water). Certain cleaning agents described below are also to be avoided.

Sheepskin Rugs

General Care Instructions: Regular brushing and shaking of a sheepskin rug will help to maintain and restore the natural soft appearance. Products can also benefit from vacuuming with a suction nozzle attachment only. Do not use a rotating vacuum head attachment.

Spot Cleaning by hand is recommended: Clean the affected area using moist soft cloth in circular motion, starting on outside of area and working into centre. Use a dry cloth to apply pressure and remove excess moisture. Use warm water with a max temperature of 38°C/100°F. Use a recommended cleaning agent – refer to Cleaning Agent section.

Washing: Machine wash on the most Delicate setting and using cool or warm water with a max temperature of 38°C/100°F. Use a recommended agent – refer to Cleaning Agent section.

Cleaning Agents: We recommend the use of non ionic mild liquid detergents only, such as Eucalan™. Do not use products containing biological enzymes or bleach. Do not use non alkaline products and do not use fabric softeners.

Drying: Sheepskin rugs should be flat or line dried only. Do not tumble dry. Do not force dry. Do not dry in direct sunlight. The leather backing should be pulled back into original size and shape while damp prior to drying. We recommend brushing using a wire bristled carding (pet) brush once while the rug is damp and then again when completely dry. Please Note that excessive heat will cause hardening of the leather and/or product shrinkage. Air movement while drying is recommended if possible. 

Dry Cleaning: Our sheepskin rugs can be dry cleaned, although we do not usually recommended it as the process removes lanolin and natural oils from the pelt. For major stains or soiling we suggest seeking a professional dry cleaning service experienced with leather and shearling products.