Woolwash Cleaner:
Odourless cleaning concentrate
Lanolin enriched with eucalyptus oil
Eco-friendly and biodegradable
Made in Canada
- 3.3oz size included (~5 washes)
Sheepskin Care Brush:
Suitable for all sheepskin rugs
Fluffs and tufts lambswool
Balances & cleans wool fibres


    VOLUME 100ml (3.3oz) STYLE / TYPE Manual
    TYPE Odourless cleaner DIMENSIONS 11cm x 9cm (4.5" x 3.5")
    WEIGHT 120 grams HEIGHT 25mm (1")
    MATERIALS Lanolin enriched concentrate WEIGHT 35 grams
    OTHER MATERIALS Eucalyptus oils COLOR Wood-grain / chrome
    BOX DIMENSIONS 9" x 6" x 2" MATERIALS Wood handle, wire bristles
    ORIGIN Made in Canada ORIGIN Assembled in China
    WARRANTY 6 months WARRANTY 6 months
    Sheepskin Care Package

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 35 reviews
    Just what I needed!

    I used the Sheepskin Care Package on my vintage sheepskin which is now fresh and fluffy. I did the job in my bathtub and since the water was quite dirty I rinsed it several times. Then I put it in my washer and used the spin cycle. A few days on a drying rack, brushing and fluffing. I am very pleased.

    Barbara A Hansen
    Finally found out how to clean my sheepskin!

    After years of owning two sheepskin rugs, I finally stumbled across this company. I read their directions on how to wash my sheepskin, ordered the lanolin shampoo and brush and my rugs look fantastic! I will always be ordering from you in the future. Great company and products!

    Melissa Clare
    The old sheepskin that comforted my cats

    My sheepskin is nearly forty years old and was only washed once before, about 20 years ago, without the benefit of knowing about your products. It had been occupied by two dying cats, and a third one liked to hang out there, often coming in from the rain without wiping his feet...it was really filthy!
    I shook it out thoroughly and used the curry comb that comes with the care package to loosen it up a bit. I tried to follow your instructions washing the skin by hand in our kitchen sink, and was not going to rinse it, but my husband was probably right , insisting on rinsing it out several times and then re-washing it in the washing machine, (where it deposited a whole lot of sand-like debris), skipping the rinse cycle. I'll never know if he added enough lanolin soap, but he stood by the dryer, removing the lint-like substance until there was no more. By that time the wool was dry and the skin was still wet. We laid it , skin up, across the back of a sofa with the overhead fan going through the night. Now it is beautiful!!
    I think the products worked well, although I don't feel that the curry comb is really needed again since the pelt fluffed up nicely and is looking very natural already...
    My one concern is - this is an old skin, was possibly rinsed too many times, and is looking a little dry and wrinkly - is there anything that can be used just on the skin, to increase its elasticity/suppleness, without making it too oily to place on the carpet??

    Deborah Atkinson
    Felt Stupid

    I thought I had thoroughly read the ad and that I would be getting 16 oz of the cleaner.Nope, the bottle shown is 16oz but the bottle received is tiny. I could have overlooked this, but also there was a lack of instructions. OK then, guess I'll have to find a tutorial on YouTube.

    F Bradford Smith
    Brush is Amazing

    Brushed out badly tangled and matted sheepskin rug easily. The brush is as advertised and is amazing. Take it easy, small strokes, not too deep at first, and there is minimal hair removed.

    First rate!!!