*Sold as Singles Order 2 for a matched pair. 

• 100% Genuine Sheepskin
• Australian shearling sheepskin & wool
• Natural suede backing

• Fits standard seat belts (1.8" - 2")
• Velcro strip for easy installation
Product dimensions: 11" x 7"

Seat Belt Strap Cover

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Elaine Alt
great comfort

baaa baaaaaa

Debra Keirsey
I am disappointed...I got black

These do NOT have a suede leather backing. It's fabric of some sort. I wanted the thick leather on the back side of the "wool" to provide padding. I am a Letter Carrier in the US and wanted to use this to pad my letter bag strap. I am willing to bet in a few months the fabric backing will breakdown. Not to mention, IF this is real wool, it's like none I have ever seen on basic sheep. I can't say for sure, but if I saw this on a shelf at a brick and mortar store, I'd think instantly it was synthetic "fur." We will see how it wears. I am not a happy camper. I could have bought real wool felting from the fabric store and sewn on velcro, made it multi-layer and it would have cost me less. I am pressed for time now and was hoping this would be similar quality. Lesson learned.

Hello Debra,
Thank you for offering feedback. We are sorry to hear that you aren't totally satisfied with your sheepskin seat belt strap. You are always welcome to send it back to us for a refund or an exchange.

We want to assure you that our sheepskin products are absolutely 100% genuine and natural, and this includes the Seat Belt Strap which you ordered. It is simply a rectangle of shearling sheepskin (wool still attached to the leather) with Velcro strips stitched into it for installation. I've emailed you some photos which I just took of the backing material which you will see is pure leather. And if you borough your fingers through the merino wool side then you will find where the wool is attached to the outer leather as a pelt. There is no fabric as you've suggested, no lining, no stitching, or anything other than a 100% pure lambskin pelt. In 35 years of our family owned and operated business we have never touched a synthetic or imitation article of any kind.

We welcome product feedback and you're certainly entitled to your own opinion. You are welcome to have the seat belt strap inspected and tested for third-party authenticity, and of course you are also welcome to send it back to us for a refund or exchange. Again, we are sorry to hear that you aren't totally satisfied with your purchase.


Michael Lincoln


Darrell Mohr

Seat Belt Strap Cover

Laurie OByrne
Best place to buy sheepskin

Love these. Great quality and best price as well as fast service.