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About our Baby Grade Sheepskin:
Parent's and Babies agree; everyone sleeps a little longer with a natural lambskin comforter!

Baby Sheepskin products are made from 100% natural lambskin and pure new wool. Designed for babies, the breathable virgin lambswool is also strong enough that it is fully machine washable. Soft fleece fibres from our merino lambskins are naturally insulating and help to regulate body temperatures in all 4 seasons. Stay warm in the winter & cool in the summer with the comfort and security of a genuine lambskin rug from SheepskinShop.com.

Our baby grade sheepskin products are made of 100% Australian and New Zealand lambswool pelts. These lambskins are flame-retardant, hypo-allergenic, insulating, machine washable, and long lasting.

Our wool fleece baby shearling pelt is twin-faced genuine sheepskin. This consists of soft merino wool on the top and a strong yet supple suede leather backing. These lambskin hides are carefully selected and specifically treated and regulated for the intention of a baby sleeping on them. After cleaning, tanning, and processing the pelts, we then clip the wool on the shorn styles to a uniform length of 1.25". Shearing the wool to this length helps to reduce any matting of the wool - as these sheepskins are intended to be used as bed pads and wheelchair pads and are not designed as decor products.

Available in many sizes and wool length variations, our baby lambskin rugs are most commonly used in cribs, playpens, car seats, and strollers.