Company History
Established in 1987, Southern Cross Sheepskins Inc. is a family owned and operated retailer, wholesaler, and distributor of Australian and New Zealand genuine sheepskin products. We work directly with a wide range of manufacturers who offer different specialty products within the sheepskin industry. These industry leaders and skilled workers provide us with the best products available. Our company focus is to supply North Americans with premier quality sheepskin products that offer plush comfort and style while exploring the natural benefits of sheepskin and wool.

Giving Back

We have been donating to many causes over the years. Our donation efforts most commonly support environmental, human rights, and social justice causes. Feel free to contact us for more info about our company donations.

Why Shop Here?

We offer factory direct pricing on premium quality sheepskin products. Our company has a 33 year history of specializing in Australian and New Zealand sheepskin products, and have expanded over the passed decade to include products from South America, Europe, and Asia. We deal directly with industry leaders and manufacturers which enables us to offer the lowest prices on high quality products.

At you get:
  • Fast & Secure shipping - We send along a confirmation tracking number with every order. *Some of our smaller items have the shipping option of a low cost "Letter Rate". This option does not include a tracking number.
  • To receive orders quickly - We are packing and processing orders 6 days per week. Orders received before 5pm EST are usually shipped that day. Standard shipping times are 2-8 business days depending on your location.
  • Tax Free Shopping - We are located on the Canadian side of the USA/Canada border. However, we ship daily, and we even drive across the border to ship orders domestically within the USA. This means that you don't have to pay any sales (VAT) taxes. *However, if your order is over $800 USD, then you may be required to pay importation duties on your order.
Canadian Customers: Please visit for prices and listings in $CAD. Our Canadian web-store will offer domestic shipping options and eliminate currency conversion fees that may occur when shopping on this website.

Why Sheepskin & Wool?
Genuine sheepskin offers a wide range of advantages over similar materials. Perhaps the most recognized and traditional description of almost any sheepskin product is "warm in winter, cool in summer". The warmth concept is easy to comprehend, while the "cool in summer" characteristics still puzzle many people. The answer lies in the breathability of the hollow wool fibers. Wool fibers are shaped like a spring coil which allows air to circulate. This open space means that merino wool is also very absorbent and wicks away moisture and sweat. All of this allows for a cool and dry comfort on a car seat cover, mattress cover, decor rug, baby lambskin, or medical sheepskin.
Full covering "shearling" (wool still attached to the leather skin) is one of nature's warmest insulating materials. However, it is also breathable and able to absorb over 30% of it's own weight in moisture before feeling damp. This means that while all of our slippers, hats, gloves, and mitts are toasty and warm, you rarely sweat while wearing our products.
We all perspire while we sleep, and these breathable features of wool can have an amazing impact on us while we sleep. Most people perspire about one liter of sweat per night. Surrounding yourself with merino wool while you sleep is the best way to keep yourself dry and undisturbed throughout the night.


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